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We focus on using the latest technologies, and the latest learning science to create impactful Games that not only teach, but teach for deep engagement.

We specialize in VR / AR / XR and Simulation Adventure Games for Education.

The Experience You Need.

Engaged Learners Get Results

The Experience You Need.

We've spent the last 10 years developing and supporting Fortune 100's, and Country Wide School Ministries, and Districts to bring deep game based learning and serious game frameworks to their learners.  

Our Design Leadership team shares 100+ years of combined Teaching, Software Development and Entertainment experience.

We are and continue to work with world leading researchers on Game Based Learning and the use of games for educational experiences.


Engaged Learners Get Results

Engaged Learners Get Results

Engaged Learners Get Results

You want your learners to get results and to grow.  We create science backed games that do just that.

Get rid of the boring lecture, and contact us today to see how we can transform your programs into engaged, active experiences.

Testimonials, Accolades and Clients Success Stories


Troy Bauer - Disney 6abc News

"Minegage helped our news station in Philadelphia with a special project for a community event, "Minefaire".  They designed and built a scale replica of our news studio within Minecraft and turned it into a Virtual Reality simulation. This was used to promote our 360 video initiatives as well as engage the Minecraft community.  The project was quite tedious and required a lot of time and attention to detail - which they tackled effortlessly.  They were extremely professional and easy to work with throughout the whole process and the final product was better than we could have imagined!"

Jonica Cowan - Deloitte Touche

"Minegage is the best in the business when it comes to game based learning. Each year Garrett and staff has gone above and beyond expectations ensuring that he met the needs of the customer and the students. They are always looking for ways to enhance the learning experience for the students and the same time allowing their creativity to shine through the exercises. You can not go wrong enlisting their help in gamifying learning for the young and old at heart."

Kim Balnaves - PhD Researcher Curtain University Australia

"I was looking to run a research project into how students engaged with and communicated and problem solved within games.  During the first iteration of the game design I was deeply concerned with the quality.  When Garrett and the Minegage team came in and revamped the entire project, I knew they were going to get results.  And they did!

 I would highly recommend Minegage to anyone who is looking to make an impact with serious games or game based learning."

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