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Educational Rigor, Fun and Feedback

“Our process makes it easy to encourage your kids to learn more and improve more, while haveing fun.”

Make Learning
The Greatest


Asking most kids to do homework
won’t result in an excited response

Ask a kid to play Minecraft™ though?

We’ve combined the love of Minecraft with the content kids need to learn, and wrapped it all up in fun and engaging adventures.

Rich and Vibrant
Characters Create


The Characters, the Story, and the Quests are designed to keep kids engaged and excited by their progress.

As kids become more familiar with these characters and the adventure world they become deeply invested in the outcomes and their own progression.

Relevant and
Immediate Feedback
For Everyone


With each quest, activity and choice learners are given relevant feedback on how they’re doing, and guided to the next level, or possibly directed to a new practice quest.

Feedback both in game and on the website means kids, parents and teachers can always see where the learning is taking place.


Our Design Process

Engagement and Results

Not all Educational Games are Equal
  • STEP 1 - Authentic Delivery of Your Curriculum Objectives

    We hire only experienced classroom educators for the target game to work with our curriculum designers. It’s a real classroom educator building the lessons, and activities, making it the most appropriate learning.

  • STEP 2 - Deep Student Engagement / Understanding

    Truely understanding students and how to engage them means going deep into game motivation. We let real students guide the fun along with us to ensure that deep learning is married to deep engagement.

  • STEP 3 - Gamebased Learning Research Applied

    Not all games or game elements work with all educational objectives and student engagement needs, so we choose the best elements, based on research, for each learning objective. It’s about results!

  • STEP 4 - Build for Learning / Assessment / and FUN

    We design and develop the game based learning modules to be immersive and fun, content specific, but also programmed to capture real learning data so you can clearly see assessment and and kids get immediate guided feedback.

  • STEP 5 - Add Cross Curricular and Scaffolding

    Our worlds are more than just one lesson! In fact we build cross curicular side quests, and practice activities around the world to enhance the immersion, and provide valuable relevance and agency for each individual child.

  • STEP 6 - Reports and In-Game Feedback

    Parents and teachers can view grades, progress or achievements with our and easy to use backend reporting platform, and share easily among relevant collegues or parents, anytime, anywhere. Kids get real-time and relevant feedback on progress.

Family and Teacher Tools


Track your childs progress with Comprehensive Learning and Engagement Reports.

You have access to your childs progress before it comes to test time.


Target and Guide your Childs Learning with a comprehensive Database using Curriculum, Grade, Age, or Type of World or Activity.


Manage your childs Play-time and track Time-on-Task with our time tracking and reminder features.


Quickly and easily share learning between family, teachers, and peers.

We make it easy for your child to share their achievments and success with you.


Online and Multi-player Servers can be dangerous and distracting.

MineGage Downloadable Worlds are perfect for learning without negative distractions.


Embeded Research Links within the games allow students to learn more by visiting safe and relevant web resources.

Kids even get points towards some guild scores for extra research!

Cross Curriculum Aligned


The Treasure Of Thomas Cavendish
All Chapters - Full Curriculum


Teaching currency, number conversion, place values, geometry and arithmatic in an adventure format for grades 1-3 curriculum.

Inspired Adventure Writing

The Treasure Of Thomas Cavendish
ALL Chapters


When kids are immersed in an adventure they have access to so many experiences to write about. Making it easier to prompt them to write.


From Architecture to Zoology

The Treasure Of Thomas Cavendish ALL Chapters

When they’re immersed in a world built for exploration, you can’t wait to see facts or questions they uncover. Health, Science, Art, Navigation, and Battles await.

General English Arts

The Treasure Of Thomas Cavendish
Chapter 2


Learning about literature and the Art of the Play along with Shakespeare and friends is a much more engaging approach for kids.

Learn History by Being There

The Treasure Of Thomas Cavendish


Immersive learning through Places, People and Events like: The Great Fire, Colonization, Revolution,Wars, Archeological Dig Sites and more. With an integrated timeline that encourages exploration and research.

Built Fun for Kids, But Rigorous for Learning.

All Modules

Place Values Gr 2

Gem Denominations

Seek out the Royal Jeweler,He needs your help making a Jeweled Crown for the King!
Number Problems Addition Gr 2

A Kings Commendation

The treasurer is ill, but these soldiers still need to be paid! It is up to you to give the right payment to each Royal Guard. Quickly, the King is Counting on You!

With voice guided reading available your child will learn while reading.

Our Expert Minecraft Programmers capture and store the learning and activities so your kids have fun, but you see where real learning is happening.

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