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Minecraft Game Based Learning

We specialize in helping schools implement Authentic Game Based Education with Minecraft. Do you want to give your teachers a strong foundation in Minecraft? Contact us for a free consultation.

We bring 360°’s of expertise in Game Based Learning, Curriculum Development,Minecraft Game Design and in-class teaching.


• Assessment and Automated

• Data with Minecraft

• Teaching Logic and Coding

• Subject Specific Mods and Plugins

• Designing Game Based Curriculum

• with Gamer Psychology in Mind

• The Quest Driven Lesson

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Data Integration

Learning Data in Minecraft

Assessment Design for Minecraft Data Extraction

Do you need more learning data than a portfolio screenshot?

Leveraging Minecraft’s coding engine, we can customize your lesson world to track the data you want, and generate the reports your need.

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Custom Game Based Modules

A Full Immersive Game Based World

Plug and Play - Custom Lesson Worlds to Engage, Inspire, and Measure Learning Outcomes

Your Lessons, Within Your Budget, Better Results

Customized Minecraft Modules Based on Your Needs

We work with your needs, and within your budget to make sure your students get the outcomes you expect and you get data thats more meaningful.


Our Design Process

Engagement and Results

Not all Educational Games are Equal
  • STEP 1 - Your Delivery / Outcome Objectives

    We take the time to fully understand your objectives, from both the educational and assessment needs and your student engagement expectations.

  • STEP 2 - Your Student's Expectations

    Truly understanding YOUR students means going deeper into the motivations that engage them and immerse them. Knowing students gamer archetypes, and what will engage on multiple levels mean better outcomes.

  • STEP 3 - Apply Gamebased Learning Research

    Not all games or game elements work with all educational objectives and student engagement needs, so we choose the best elements, based on research, for each learning objective. It's about results!

  • STEP 4 - Develop the Learning and Assesment Module

    Based on the research, we design and develop the game based learning modules to be immersive,content driven, and not forgetting to of capture real learning data, so you get clear learning metrics.

  • STEP 5 - Launch and Learn

    Launch the Minecraft Lesson using MineGage's custom interface that saves progress, and learning data directly to the secure classroom accounts. Your kids get fun and powerful Minecraft Lesson, and you get the results.

  • STEP 6 - Data Linking and Reports

    View their grades,progress and achievements with our rigorous and friendly backend reporting platform,and share easily among relevant collegues or parents,anytime,anywhere.

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