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“Video games are ingrained in our culture.” -

Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO,
Entertainment Software Association

Games Make Perfect Brand Outreach Tools

For Training, for Brand Outreach & Exposure games are leading the way!


The #1 Up and Coming Demographic

Don’t let your Outreach and Brand get left behind

Worldwide, Gamers are the new lifestyle standard!
Small interactive and gamebased experiences are the perfect media for Fun and Authentic Interactions with your Audiance!

Reach out and say: “Gamers! We Get You!”


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Minecraft is the#1

customizable video game making it a perfect outreach tool!

100 Million Users


A Homerun Cultural Hit

Put it’s cultural relevance and customizability to work for you!

Minecraft Creations are
GLOBAL IMMERSIVE CUSTOMIZABLE and as one of the most popular games,has the cultural ground to impact your Brand!

Minecraft is already
in use as a Brand
Outreach tool by:
Tate Galleries
Oridance Survey (OS)
The Royal Foundation
United for Wildlife
And More

Don’t Break the Bank With Cheap Apps

MineGage is better for Return and Impact

Your Return is faster, Your Audience is Engaged, and Your Cost is Lower

Minecraft is Active

Minecraft Youtube Videos = 41% of all gaming views for a total of 2.4 Billion Monthly Views

Viral Content Driven

Minecraft Youtube Video Creators are always looking for unique exciting Mini-Games to produce content on.

That’s why Intel® chose MineGage to create a game to help launch their new Blockmaker™ Application.

Better Return
Less Investment

Developing games is what we do! And Minecraft as
a game engine is more efficient and just as customizable
for driving an impact to your Brand Outreach, without the
high development costs of Mobile or Web-Based.

If you want the best results, it has to be a game! Your Brand Outreach
with Minecraft must be subtle, immersive and power an experience that
players will enjoy!

”Gamers want to be Immersed in an Experience”

With MineGage you get the #1 Minecraft 360° Development Team.
We Know Games, We know Minecraft, and We Know Marketing!

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Artistic and Functional Customizability

With the MineGage team, Minecraft can look and feel perfect for your Brand Outreach!

Weather your Brand speaks to Hi-tech, Modern, Artistic or Medieval MineGage can connect your needs with the motivations of players!

Customized textures perfect for your Brand

Customize Blocks make your brand come alive

Beautiful, detailed builds to power an experience

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